Orecchiette with squid and capers

Orecchiette is one of my favorite pasta shapes, very tasty and it looks also cheerful on your plate. I always buy fresh squid on the market, clean them and freeze them in in batches. The cleaning is a bit messy, but after that you have a hidden gem in your freezer for whenever you feel like this tasty dish!
The secret for tasty squid is to cook is very short, let’s give it a try! If you don’t know how to clean squid – here is a short video how to do it

Ingredients: (for two)

  • Cleaned squid (about 4-5 per person), cut in rings, keep the tentacles
  • 4 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes, halved
  • bit of white wine
  • 150g orecchiette pasta
  • capers
  • dried chili flakes, even better from a mill
  • olive oil
    Duration: 20 min


  • Bring water for the pasta to boil, put enough salt in the water
  • Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package, then drain and poor some extra virgin olive oil over the pasta
  • In the mean time, heat some olive oil and fry the garlic on low fire
  • Add the halved tomatoes and a splash of white wine, continue frying on medium fire for about 5 minutes
  • Put the sauce on one side of the pan, and add the squid and tentacles to the other part, fry the squid on high fire for about 2 minutes
  • Mix the squid and the sauce, mix in the capers and add some chili flakes
  • Stir in the drained pasta, and mix well
  • Add pepper and salt to taste

Serve the pasta on deep plates, drizzle with a bit of extra virgin olive oil

The Italians would not approve if you add grated Parmesan cheese on this dish, but hey, they are not there now…

What do we drink with this?

You could go both white and red for this dish. For white, try an Italian Verdicchio. If you prefer red I would go for a cooled light, fruity red wine, that doesn’t have too many tannines, for example a young Chianti.