ChezJo was created in 2016 because I wanted to bring my cooking to a next level. I was excited to cook more extensive meals for larger groups of people, and found out I loved sharing my love for food this way.
I call ChezJo my Home-style restaurant (‘Huiskamerrestaurant‘ in Dutch); I cook in my own kitchen, and you’ll eat in my living room. The number of guests can vary from 8-15 people, the menu from 2 to 4-courses and it can be for specific groups such as a birthday or bachelorette party, or an open-table where you’ll meet new people.

The last edition of ChezJo was on August 28th, below you’ll see some pictures of that evening. The theme of this dinner was Planet-Proof; I invited fellow friends and foodies to share what I’ve learned about the relationship between food and sustainability.
You probably already know that our food choices have an impact on the health of the planet; whether you choose animal vs. plant-based protein, food that comes from far vs. grows locally etc. The meal I cooked was based on the Planetary Health diet from the EAT-Lancet Committee. This committee has combined evidence on foods that are linked to an increased risk for certain preventable disease (e.g. cancers and heart disease) with the environmental impacts of growing various foods. They concluded that achieving healthy diets from sustainable food systems for 10 billion people by 2050 is possible, but only through a significant reduction of animal source foods, along with halving of food loss and waste, and significant changes in food production practices.
The menu this evening contained lots of seasonal veggies such as carrot, chicory and tomatoes, with lentils for plant-based protein and we tried plant-based cheese. In the end of the evening the guests carried home some leftovers in containers they brought – preventing food waste!

In this page and on my Instagram account Who_needs_a_chef I’ll inform about new dates for upcoming editions of ChezJo